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Giant vs Witch" by Ireland-based Nick Grey

Prints available for purchase from KickStarter. US$20

Mars Awaits is a beautifully illustrated calendar featuring thirteen pieces of art from self-described “space and science fiction artist” Douglas Shrock.  Each illustration imagines a scientifically plausible step towards colonizing the Red Planet.

"Mars Awaits! Each piece of artwork shows one step in the colonization of Mars, and depicts the bravery, excitement and joy there of. "

My personal favorite is Conroy, and Adams nails it when he predicts that I “enjoy explaining your preferences for an unbearable length of time.”

"Batman has gone through many different film iterations over the last fifty years. Some portrayals of the Dark Knight have been brilliant and some have made you cry rage filled tears with a dash of hate and disgust.

Everyone has a clear favourite and that Batman preference gives away more about the inner workings of your mind than any therapist could even dream of revealing. Just read this info-graphic to know more about yourself from your relationship to that sexy Caped Crusader.”

Basically, any way you read the cards they say that you’re all going to die.  The only real mystery is how entertaining that death will be for onlookers.  Unfortunately, the detailed versions were taken offline by the original artist, but you can still appreciate the set in its entirety below.

the detailed versions

"LOST featured an excellent set of archetypal characters. Realizing this, I created this set of Tarot cards, assigning each character a role and creating an illustration that represented them. The cards were designed to mimic the Dharma Initiative’s characteristically generic design. The black smoke…well, let’s not even get into that."

Prints available for purchase from StoreEnvy. US$15

Alex Griendling offers this new selection of Star Wars bounty hunter portraits. Along with the typical group of Empire Strikes Back bounty hunters, the selection includes Shae Vizla from The Old Republic.

Via alexlikesdesign

Prints available for purchase from Etsy. US$16 - $38

A Full Metal Jacket / Star Wars Mash-Up.

Via TieFighters

Prints available for purchase from BigCartel. US$20


Ok, before you say I jumped on the bandwagon, let me take a selfie with my batmobile: It’s BATGIRL!!!

200 notes and counting!! This deserves a process update: 

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