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Marvel Cereals by Bamboota and Elliot Fernandez

T-Shirts available for purchase from SharkRobot. US$19.95

SharkRobot’s latest offerings feature Marvel’s most popular characters as cereal mascots.  Tucan Sam never looked this good!  Now all they need is a Spider-Man and Wolverine designs.

"The only way to kill him is by slashing the back of his neck. Or drop him into some lava. Either way."

Deamonhood" by Poland-based Daniel Tyka (Artificialdesign)

Ultrakosmos" by Estonia-based Kuldar Leement (KuldarLeement)

Prints available for purchase from Artflaskes, inPRNT, and Society6.

Last Impression" by China-based Zezhou Chen (Qrumzsjem)

Illustrations by New Zealand-based Stefan Morrell

Stefan Morrell is a freelance concept artist currently working from New Zealand. His recent film projects include Jupiter Ascending and Cloud Atlas. He has also created work for clients such as National Geographic magazine and the American Museum of Natural History.

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